The Scarecrow and the Grand Prix

Hamilton Scarecrow

Queens Park Chess Club and friends were out in force at another well-organised tournament by Hamilton Chess Club (see also 2022 Hamilton Open) on Sunday 11 September 2022.

The 2022 Scaregrow Allegro – delivered as part of the Bothwell Scarecrow Festival – was a six round rapid event held at the Alona Hotel in Strathclyde Country Park.

Following on from the East Kilbride Allegro, Queens Park was again represented among the prize-winners.

The event featured in the programme for a popular scarecrow festival

Major Section

Jordan McNaught (right, above), who holds dual Queens Park and Strathclyde Uni membership, scored 3.5/6 in the under 1800 Major.

Rhys McCrosson (3rd from right) achieved 3/6, and won the grading prize with a 1427 performance rating.

Alex Lane (left) and Strathclyde Uni’s Liu Zizheng (3rd from left), a regular visitor at Queens Park, also scored 3/6, while Giuseppe Bosco (2nd from right) got 1.5.

The section winner was Hamilton’s Duncan Walker; it was a double success for the host club as Hamilton’s James Montgomery won the Open section.

Major section results from Chess Scotland.

Minor Section

10 year old Chess in the Park regular Alagu Karthick (centre) won the under 1400 Minor section grading prize with an impressive score of 4.5/6.

Alagu finished in joint third place out of 33 participants, as did smartly dressed Iain Shields (2nd from left) a dual Phones & Queens Park player, with the same score.

Chris Dinwoodie scored 3/6. The section winner was Lenzie’s Angelo Lynn, who hopes to join Chess in the Park in its remaining six weeks.

Minor section results from Chess Scotland.

Bearsden Grand Prix

Queens Park competed in a four-month long online Grand Prix

Queens Park have a long-standing friendship with Bearsden Chess Club, who donated boards and clocks to help us get started in 2019, played a series of graded friendlies with us during the pandemic, and invited us to special events like a March 2022 simultaneous match vs GM Jacob Aagaard.

Their generosity continued over the summer break, as Queens Park was offered five places in the 2022 Bearsden Grand Prix, a weekly online rapid tournament that offered cash prizes in three sections: under 1800, under 1500 and under 1200.

The games were played on on Tuesday evenings from mid-May to mid-September. The time control was 12+5, with up to five rounds played each night, points being awarded for wins, draws and participation.

The tournament concluded this week. While Queens Park’s contingent didn’t take any gold medals, Derek Rankine was runner-up in the u1500 section with 31 points and Jass McNeill was also second in the u1200 section with 25.5 points. Graeme McKinnon, Giuseppe Bosco and Rhys McCrosson also took part in the series.

Our thanks to Bearsden and our congratulations to host team winners Alan Sharp (u1800), Alistair Goodall (u1500) and Chris Monk (u1200).

We hope to continue collaborations with Bearsden in 2022/23 and are planning towards two special events – watch this space!

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History Made at East Kilbride Allegro

It has been almost 90 years since a player represented Queens Park Chess Club in official competition. As far as we can tell, the last occasion in which the historic Queens Park Chess Club played in formal competition, was losing to Dundee in the 1936 Spens Cup final.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and those of us in the modern club like to think our ancestors would be proud of our picking up points and prizes at the Scottish Chess Tour East Kilbride Allegro.

The rapid event, played over five rounds in a Swiss format (i.e. ‘winners play winners’) tournament at the 20+10 time control, was held in East Kilbride’s Holiday Inn hotel on Sunday 4 September 2022.

Not only did the name of Queens Park Chess Club once again grace a national competition, but the Club was recognised among the prize-winners. The top performers were:

Alex Lane: Alex (pictured above, left) shared second prize in the internationally rated intermediate section with a superb 4/5. On the top board in the final round, Alex narrowly lost to section winner Ishan Kumar of Bearsden, and shared 2nd prize with Liu Zizheng (above right) of Strathclyde University, a regular visitor to Queens Park.

Rhys McCrosson: despite being a major rating underdog in the open section, Rhys (fourth from right) scored 2/5 against fierce opposition. Rhys, who holds a current Chess Scotland Allegro rating of 1240, delivered a performance rating of 1734.

Graeme McKinnon: Graeme (third from left) achieved 3.5/5 in the intermediate section and was placed 5th of 43 in the final standings.

A number of other Queens Park members, plus regulars from Chess in the Park & Brodies Chess Group, scored points and strong mid-table finishes in the intermediate section. Those competing included Jordan McNaught, Caitlin McCulloch, Derek Rankine, Iain Shields, Chris Dinwoodie, Ryan McGill, Jonny Linney and Finn MacLeod.

Several were playing competitive chess for the first time and reported greatly enjoying the experience.

The overall standings and individual results are available on the Chess-Results website:

Open Section

Intermediate Section

A list of prize-winners is available on the Chess Scotland website, while selected games from the open section can be viewed on the Live Chess Cloud.

Club Meetings

New Season, New Name, Same Ancient Game! 

The Year Ahead

Newcomers, beginners and those returning to chess after a long absence will receive a very warm welcome at the first evening of the new season, alongside returning members, on Tuesday 30 August at 6:30pm.

The Club is expecting an influx of new members for the 2022/23 season as a result of awareness-raising activity through the summer. We held chess sessions at the Queens Park boating pond weekly on Sunday mornings from the start of June (pictured above), promoted our activities on social media, met a great bunch of folk at weekly chess meetups on Thursday nights in Brodies Bar, and we even appeared on ITV’s News at Ten!

To that end, at the first meeting of the new season, Club Champion Rhys McCrosson and Club Secretary Derek Rankine will provide a free introductory session on classical over-the-board chess, covering rules, etiquette, use of clocks and scoresheets, and practical gameplay tips.

We meet on Tuesday evenings in Wellcroft Bowling Club, Queens Park

A new Club President, Graeme McKinnon, will also be providing a formal welcome alongside Derek, with news on plans for the season ahead. Meanwhile, Graeme and Rhys, plus Alex Lane, Jass McNeill and Alex Radevic, have joined Derek and Harvey Dellanzo on an expanded Committee with new roles

The Club has registered teams in the Glasgow Chess League and Dumbarton & District Chess League, and will also be running a 2022/23 Club Championship based on last season’s successful tournament. All competitive games will be graded by Chess Scotland and the Club will support new members to work towards a national rating.

Queens Park Chess Club

Another major item of news is: the Club has a new name. At its 2022 AGM, the Committee decided to change the name from Govanhill Chess Club to Queens Park Chess Club. 

The purpose of the change is to highlight our current home in Queens Park, to reflect the reality that our members are drawn from a number of communities around Queens Park, including Govanhill, Crosshill, Shawlands, Langside and Mount Florida, and to develop a link to a historic club with the same name, which started in 1873. 

The roots of both the historic and the current Queens Park Chess Club lie deep in Govanhill, and Govanhill will continue to be at the heart of our meetings and activities

Check out our in-depth report on the fascinating history of the original Queens Park Chess Club, produced with the generous assistance of Chess Scotland historian Alan McGowan, and the story of the new Club, which was established in 2019.

Historic Queens Park players faced World Champion Capablanca in 1919

With membership fees set at just £40 annually, and a £20 concessionary rate, we are confident Queens Park Chess Club will provide superb value for money, as well as a highly valuable and enjoyable opportunity to learn and socialise with other chess enthusiasts. 

We look forward to bringing a greater number of local people together to learn, play and appreciate the ancient game, and we hope to see you at a future meeting on Tuesday evenings in Queens Park from 30 August.

Social Media & Contact 

In addition, Queens Park Chess Club now has an Instagram profile where we will be sharing stories of our adventures throughout the season. Visit and follow here.

Queens Park Chess Club joined Instagram in August 2022

We have also updated our Facebook page to reflect the name change. The website domain name will follow suit later in the season.

For any queries about any aspect of Queens Park Chess Club, please contact Graeme at or Derek at


May 2022 Results Round-Up

Club Championship

Govanhill Chess Club’s 2021/22 season concluded in May.

One of various activities was the final round of our inaugural Club Championship, where the final set of eight games resulted in the following final placings:

  1. Rhys McCrosson
  2. Aidan Doye
  3. Alex Radevic

Click here to see the full results and standings.

Friendly vs Cathcart

Our thanks to Alistair Maxwell at Cathcart Chess Club, for organising a home-and-away graded classical friendly.

The first leg, in Govanhill on 17 May, was a one-sided affair, in which the visitors won 4-1. Alex Lane picked up Govanhill’s only point on board four.

Govanhill achieved a win by one point in the return leg on 23 May, with victories for Rhys McCrosson, Graeme McKinnon and Alex Lane, plus a draw by Harvey Dellanzo.

Govanhill Allegro #2

Govanhill’s second graded Allegro tournament, pictured above, took place in a three-round 15+0 format with Swiss pairings on 24 May. The mini-tournament followed the Club’s first formal Allegro event in March.

Congratulations to Strathclyde Uni‘s Zizheng Liu, a regular guest at Govanhill, on winning all three rounds, and the event. The full results were:

Round 1

  1. Rhys McCrosson 0-1 Zizheng Liu
  2. Julien Papillon 1-0 Kieran Brown
  3. Jass McNeill 1-0 Alex Lane

Round 2

  1. Zizheng Liu 1-0 Jass McNeill
  2. Alex Lane 1-0 Derek Rankine
  3. Kieran Brown 0-1 Rhys McCrosson

Round 3

  1. Zizheng Liu 1-0 Julien Papillon
  2. Derek Rankine 0-1 Jass McNeill
  3. Kieran Brown 0-1 Alex Lane


  1. Zizheng Liu (3pts)
  2. Alex Lane (2.5pts)
  3. Jass McNeill (1.5pts)
  4. *Rhys McCrosson (1.5pts)
  5. *Julien Papillon (1.5pts)
  6. *Derek Rankine (0.5pts)
  7. Kieran Brown (0pts)

* Half-point byes were awarded to Derek in round one, Julien in round two, and Rhys in round three

Livingston Allegro

Alex Lane, Derek Rankine and Zizheng Liu played in the internationally rated intermediate section of the six-round Livingston Allegro, a Scottish Chess Tour event, on 15 May in Livingston’s Mercure Hotel.

Zizheng finished in joint third place in a field of over 30, with an impressive score of 4.5 out of 6, while Alex scored 3 points and Derek got 2 points. The players met each other in the tournament, with Zizheng emerging victorious against Alex in round 2, while Alex beat Derek in round 6. The full results are available on the Chess Scotland and FIDE websites.

Govanhill Chess Club’s season finished at the end of May. The club will return in the new season on Tuesday 30 August 2022.

Club Championship

Club Championship – Round 5 Draw – Tue 10 May


The penultimate round of Govanhill’s 2021/22 Club Championship took place in April.

Rhys maintains the lead with a 100% record, while Harvey and Aidan also won their games to move up into second and third place respectively. A point separates the top three, and the mid-table is also closely bunched, with one point between 4th and 11th.

The Swiss format tournament will conclude with a final round in May. The results, standings and round four draw follow.

Individual results and overall standings are also available on the Chess Scotland website.

Round 4 Results

  1. Rhys McCrosson 1 – 0 Derek Rankine
  2. Graeme McKinnon 0 – 1 Harvey Dellanzo
  3. Ethan Small 0 – 1 Aidan Doye
  4. Alex Radevic 1 – 0 Libor Masar
  5. Julien Papillon 1 – 0 Jass McNeill
  6. Niall McCamley 0 – 1 James Todd
  7. Alex Lane 0 – 1 Giuseppe Bosco
  8. Jegan N’Dow 0 – 1 Peter Mark (default win)
  9. Harry Thomson 0 – 1 Angus Gillies

Standings After Round 4

1Rhys McCrosson410.51499
2Harvey Dellanzo361334
3Aidan Doye35.50
4Derek Rankine2.54.251266
5Alex Radevic2.53.251394
6Ethan Small22.50
7Julien Papillon221192
8Graeme McKinnon220
9James Todd21.50
10Libor Masar1.51.50
11Peter Mark1.510
12Giuseppe Bosco11.51407
13Jass McNeill11.50
14Angus Gillies11.50
15Niall McCamley110
16Alex Lane000
17Harry Thomson000
18Jegan N’Dow000
19James Higgins000
20Jonny Stark000
* The Sonneborn-Berger score is used to determine placings in the event of tied scores.

Round 5 Draw

Designated date: Tuesday 10 May, 6:45pm

  1. Alex Radevic (w) vs Rhys McCrosson (b)
  2. Harvey Dellanzo (w) vs Aidan Doye (b)
  3. Derek Rankine (w) vs Graeme McKinnon (b)
  4. Peter Mark (w) vs Julien Papillon (b)
  5. Libor Masar (w) vs Jass McNeill (b)
  6. Giuseppe Bosco (w) vs Niall McCamley (b)
  7. Angus Gillies (w) vs Alex Lane (b)
  8. Jegan N’Dow (w) vs Harry Thomson (b)

For any questions about the Club Championship, please contact


Points & Prizes at 2022 Hamilton Open

The 2022 Hamilton Open provided a welcome boost to classical chess in Scotland, as the first national over-the-board tournament of its kind since the start of the pandemic. 

Hamilton Chess Club’s well-organised event brought together 50 players, from talented ungraded juniors to experienced International Masters, to compete in a single open section in Bothwell Bowling Club on the weekend of 2/3 April. The format was a five-round Swiss pairings at a time control of 75+0.

Govanhill were represented by two players, Alex Radevic and Derek Rankine, pictured above with Zizheng ‘Friend of Govanhill’ Liu of Strathclyde University (l-r: Alex, Zizheng, Derek).

Derek and Zizheng both achieved a score of 2.5/5, and were pleased to share the best ungraded player prize. 1359-rated Alex went even better, scoring 3/5 and narrowly missing out on the award for the best u-1500 player. 

In round three, Zizheng faced 2400+ International Master Andrew Greet on board one. IM Greet went on to win the tournament with a perfect 5/5.

The full results have been published by Chess Scotland.

Club Championship

Club Championship – Round 3 Draw – Mon 14 March


16 players are competing in Govanhill’s first Club Championship, a five-round Swiss format tournament at the 60+0 classical time control.

The Club Championship started in January, and all games in the second round have just concluded. The remaining rounds take place in March, April and May.

The results, standings and draw for round three follows.

Round 2 Results

  1. Alex Radevic 0.5 – 0.5 Derek Rankine
  2. Rhys McCrosson 1 – 0 Harvey Dellanzo
  3. Julien Papillon 0 – 1 Aidan Doye
  4. Niall McCamley 1 – 0 Jass McNeill
  5. Jonny Stark 0 – 1 Graeme McKinnon
  6. Peter Mark 0.5 – 0.5 Libor Masar
  7. James Higgins 0 – 1 Ethan Small

The results have been recorded and published by Chess Scotland.

Standings After Round 2

1Rhys McCrosson220
2Aidan Doye21.50
3Derek Rankine1.51.750
4Alex Radevic1.50.751359
5Julien Papillon10.51202
6Ethan Small10.50
7Harvey Dellanzo101338
8Graeme McKinnon100
9Niall McCamley100
10Libor Masar0.50.250
11Peter Mark0.50.250
12Jass McNeill000
13Jonny Stark000
14James Higgins000
15Jegan N’Dow000
16James Todd000
* The Sonneborn-Berger score is used to determine placings in the event of tied scores.

Round 3 Draw

Designated date: Monday 14 March 2022, 6:45pm.

  1. Aidan Doye (white) vs Rhys McCrosson (black)
  2. Harvey Dellanzo vs Alex Radevic
  3. Derek Rankine vs Julien Papillon
  4. Ethan Small vs Niall McCamley
  5. Graeme McKinnon vs Peter Mark
  6. Libor Masar vs Jonny Stark
  7. Jass McNeill vs Jegan N’Dow
  8. James Todd vs James Higgins

Please contact with any questions about the Club Championship.


Scottish National Online Chess League: R1, R2 Teams


Govanhill’s first foray into national competition starts this weekend with two matches in Division Four of the Scottish National Online Chess League, or SNOCL.

SNOCL was created by the Scottish Online Chess Organisation in 2021 to provide a new channel for inter-club competition while over-the-board leagues are suspended.

The second iteration of SNOCL takes place over January to March 2022, with Govanhill being one of 18 clubs around Scotland taking part. All matches will be played on at the rapid time control of 25+10.


Govanhill’s teams for rounds one and two are:

SNOCL Division Four

Round 1 – East Kilbride vs Govanhill (11am, Sun 30 Jan)

  • Board 1: Graeme McKinnon [white]
  • Board 2: Harvey Dellanzo [black]
  • Board 3: Derek Rankine (captain) [white]
  • Board 4: Niall McCamley [black]
  • Board 5: Jass McNeill [white]

Round 2 – Govanhill vs Lenzie 2 (2pm, Sun 30 Jan)

  • Board 1: Rhys McCrosson [black]
  • Board 2: Harvey Dellanzo [white]
  • Board 3: Julien Papillon (captain) [black]
  • Board 4: Jonny Stark [white]
  • Board 5: Libor Masar [black]


Results and league standings will be made available on the Scottish Online Chess Organisation Website.

All individual games will also be graded and published by Chess Scotland.

Club Championship

Club Championship – Round 2 Draw – Mon 7 Feb

l-r: Harvey, Rhys & Julien are among the round one winners.


Govanhill’s first ever Club Championship is underway, with 14 players competing in a five-round Swiss tournament at the classical time control.

All round one matches were played on the week beginning 17 January 2022. The results, standings and draw for round two follows.

Round 1 Results

  1. Jass McNeill 0 – 1 Alex Radevic
  2. Harvey Dellanzo 1 – 0 Jonny Stark
  3. Libor Masar 0 – 1 Julien Papillon
  4. Derek Rankine 1 – 0 Niall McCamley
  5. Rhys McCrosson 1 – 0 Graeme McKinnon
  6. Aidan Doye 1 – 0 Peter Mark

The results have also been published by Chess Scotland.

Standings After Round 1

1Alex Radevic11359
2Harvey Dellanzo11338
3Julien Papillon11202
4Derek Rankine10
5Rhys McCrosson10
6Aidan Doye10
7Jass McNeill00
8Jonny Stark00
9Libor Masar00
10Niall McCamley00
11Graeme McKinnon00
12Peter Mark00
13James Higgins00
14Ethan Small00

Round 2 Draw

Designated date: Monday 7 February 2022, 6:45pm.

  1. Alex Radevic (white) vs Derek Rankine (black)
  2. Rhys McCrosson vs Harvey Dellanzo
  3. Julien Papillon vs Aidan Doye
  4. Niall McCamley vs Jass McNeill
  5. Jonny Stark vs Graeme McKinnon
  6. Peter Mark vs Libor Masar
  7. James Higgins vs Ethan Small

Please contact with any questions about the Club Championship.

Club Championship

Club Championship – Round 1 Draw – Mon 17 Jan


Govanhill Chess Club’s inaugural Club Championship will take place over the first half of 2022.

The tournament will be played over five rounds in a Swiss format (following the premise of “winners play winners” after the first round) at the 60+0 time control.

A prize will be awarded to the winner and all results will be submitted to Chess Scotland for grading.


The designated dates for each round are:

  • Round 1: Mon 17 January 2022 (6:45pm start time for all rounds)
  • Round 2: Mon 7 February 2022
  • Round 3: Mon 14 March 2022
  • Round 4: Mon 11 April 2022
  • Round 5: Tue 10 May 2022

Round One

The draw for round one is as follows (white pieces named first):

  • Board 1: Jass McNeill (0) vs Alex Radevic (1359)
  • Board 2: Harvey Dellanzo (1338) vs Jonny Stark (0)
  • Board 3: Libor Masar (0) vs Julien Papillon (1202)
  • Board 4: Derek Rankine (0) vs Niall McCamley (0)
  • Board 5: Rhys McCrosson (0) vs Graeme McKinnon (0)
  • Board 6: Aidan Doye (0) vs Peter Mark (0)

The website will be updated with results, standings and future draws as the tournament progresses.

For any queries, please contact